The following resources are available from WorkSafeBC:

Medical Advisor Info Line – 1-855-476-3049

This line is a single point of contact for employers to connect directly with a medical advisor at WorkSafeBC. The Medical Advisors can help with medical clarification and provide a timely response to your questions. The line operates Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Annual inspection and certification requirements for mobile cranes and boom trucks

A Bright Arc: A Guide to Power Line Safety

Creating a fall protection plan for your worksite: Fillable template and guide

Safety planning plays a key role in protecting workers from fall hazards on a construction site. Employers can now use a new fillable template and companion guide to help create fall protection plans that meet the different needs of every worksite.

The fillable template* and companion guide are designed to help you create a fall protection plan to use and share with your workers. The companion guide will support you in making sure your plan is complete and accurate. In it, you will learn more about the following sections of the fillable template:

  • Project site description
  • Site-specific details for work at heights
  • Worksite details (including a grid for drawing)
  • Types of fall protection systems and procedures
  • Rescue procedures
  • Record of review

The guide also covers planning considerations and legislative requirements to keep in mind. For more information about keeping workers safe while working at heights, see the Falls from elevation and Fall protection webpages.

*Please note: The Fall Protection Plan template replaces the toolbox meeting guide, Written site-specific fall protection plan (TG 06-48), which has now been retired from

Mobile Crane Failures: Why Maintenance and Inspections are Critical

Mobile Crane Inspection Checklist