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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – BC Crane Operators

This Code of Conduct sets out the expectations for the professional and ethical conduct of BC Crane Safety certified crane operators. Certified operators and those in the process of becoming certified are required to sustain and advance the integrity and reputation of the crane operator profession by observing these standards:

  1. Hold paramount the safety and health of people and protection of property in the performance of professional duties by adhering to the BC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, Workers Compensation Act, and WorkSafeBC and BC Crane Safety safe work practices.
  2. Exercise their obligation to advise employers, clients, employees, the public and appropriate authorities of danger and unacceptable risks to people or property.
  3. Represent themselves, their credentials and achievements honestly and accurately. Crane operators must not make any misleading unauthorized statement regarding their certification or their certification card.
  4. Only undertake work for which they are certified as competent to perform by BC Crane Safety.
  5. Immediately inform BC Crane Safety of matters that can affect their capability to operate a crane safely. Failure to do so may jeopardize the crane operator’s continued certification or result in other disciplinary action.
  6. Maintain the relevance and currency of their professional skills, knowledge and competencies throughout the term of their certified status.
  7. Promote respectful workplaces and practices.
  8. Uphold the integrity and reputation of BC Crane Safety and the certification scheme by adhering to the requirements of the certification scheme, not disclosing confidential information or BC Crane Safety examination materials and by not participating in fraudulent test-taking practices.
  9. Surrender their BC Crane Safety wallet card in the event of suspension or withdrawal of the certification.
  10. Promptly report violations of this Code of Conduct to BC Crane Safety.

BC Crane Safety registrants and certificate holders who are alleged to violate this Code of Conduct will be subject to review by the Assessment Review Panel according to principles of fair and due process.

For more information on BC Crane Safety policies regarding complaints and appeals please contact us at 604-336-4699 or info@bccranesafety.ca.

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