There are three paths to certification and six different crane operator designations intended to meet different applications and needs. The paths are:

  • new operators – trainees and registered apprentices
  • recognition process for crane operators already certified in another jurisdiction
  • challenge process for experienced crane operators who are not yet certified

Which one is your fit?

Certification Process for
New Operators – Trainees and Registered Apprentices

If you are new to the crane industry, you can learn the trade as a trainee while working under the mentorship of skilled operators. For the larger crane classifications, you can do this as a registered apprentice or trainee.

How do I apply?

To learn more about the certification process, click the button below corresponding to the type of crane and classification size you intend to operate. Information on how to apply, along with links to the relevant application forms, is provided for each crane classification.

If you aren’t sure where your crane fits, go to our BC Crane Classifications page, where relevant sample load charts are supplied to enable you to determine where your crane fits.

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Note: Registered Apprenticeships Available

  • Tower
  • Mobile Crane (includes):
    • Lattice Boom Friction
    • Lattice Boom Hydraulic
    • Hydraulic – Unlimited
  • Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – Unlimited
  • Folding Boom – Unlimited
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Note: Registered Apprenticeships Not Available

  • Self-Erect Tower
  • Hydraulic – 20 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – 40 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – 20 Tonnes and Under
  • Folding Boom – 22 Tonnes and Under
  • Folding Boom – 10 Tonnes and Under


Recognition Process for
Crane Operators from Other Jurisdictions

If you are an experienced crane operator certified in another Canadian jurisdiction, in Ireland, in the United Kingdom, or in the United States, you may be recognized as a crane operator in BC through your home credential.

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Challenge Process for
Experienced Crane Operators Who Are Not Yet Certified

If you are an experienced crane operator who is not yet certified, you may qualify to challenge the BC Crane Operator Assessment.

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