Are you an experienced crane operator without a BC recognized credential? If so, you may be able to challenge the BC Crane Operator Assessment for certain crane classifications by writing theory exams and successfully completing a practical test.


Register with BC Crane Safety

All crane operators working in British Columbia must be registered with BC Crane Safety. If you haven’t already done so, please register now.

Which Crane Classifications can I Challenge?

A challenge pathway for the BC Crane Operator Assessment is available for these crane classifications:

  • Tower
  • Mobile Crane (includes):
    • Lattice Boom Friction
    • Lattice Boom Hydraulic
    • Hydraulic – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Folding Boom – Unlimited Tonnage

Experience requirements for the challenge process vary by crane classification.

If you plan to work as a crane operator in BC while you are completing the challenge process (or while you are accumulating the hours required to challenge), you must obtain a BC Crane Operator – Provisional designation.

Submit a Challenge Application

Once you’ve registered, you can submit a challenge application form. Click here for more information and for the relevant application and required employer/statutory declaration forms.

Application Review

BC Crane Safety will review your work history, talk to your employers and determine if you have the necessary experience to challenge the BC Crane Operator Assessment for your chosen crane classification. Processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks. (It may take longer if your work experience is outside of Canada.) The results of the review will be emailed to you.

BC Crane Operator Theory Exam

If your application is approved, you will be contacted to book a theory exam date. Once you have successfully passed the theory exam, you will be able to move on to the next step – the practical test.

BC Crane Operator Practical Test

The BC Crane Operator Practical Test is designed to evaluate an operator’s crane-handling skills. Apply at Fulford Certification when you are ready to take the practical test. When you have successfully completed the theory exam and the practical test, you will be designated a BC Crane Operator – Full Scope for the relevant crane classification.

You must pass the theory exam within 12 months of approval to challenge the assessment.

Cranes that do not have Apprenticeships or Challenge Paths


If you have experience operating cranes in one of the following classifications, you can apply to be assessed. You will first complete a written test. Upon successful completion of the written test, you will be scheduled for a practical test designed to test a crane operator’s handling skills.

  • Self-erect Tower
  • Hydraulic – 20 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – 40 Tonnes and Under
  • Stiff Boom – 20 Tonnes and Under
  • Folding Boom – 22 Tonnes and Under
  • Folding Boom – 10 Tonnes and Under

For a BC Crane Operator assessment in one of the above crane classifications, apply at Fulford Certification.