What are the available BC Crane Operator designations?

BC Crane Operator – Full Scope (formerly Level A)

The BC Crane Operator – Full Scope designation allows the holder to operate cranes within the classification they have been certified for and those in the classifications that fall below. There are no restrictions on a BC Crane Operator – Full Scope.

BC Crane Operator – Provisional (formerly Level B)

The BC Crane Operator – Provisional designation (formerly known as a Level B) allows the holder to operate a crane under supervision until full crane operator certification is obtained.

The trainee/registered apprentice must be under a minimum of indirect supervision for non-critical lifts, and direct supervision for critical lifts as defined by WorkSafeBC.
The employer must ensure a plan is in place for supervision and assign a supervisor who is qualified to supervise crane operations.

BC Crane Operator – Limited Scope (Fixed Location) (formerly Level D)

A BC Crane Operator – Limited Scope (Fixed Location) designation (formerly known as a Level D) allows the operator to operate a crane at a specific address on behalf of an employer. The designation is restricted to that address.

This designation is held in the name of the employer on behalf of an employee and is invalidated if that employee leaves the employ of the employer. The employer is responsible for all lifts.

Crane Mechanic (Limited Scope, Non-commercial Lift)

A Crane Mechanic (Limited Scope, Non-commercial Lift) designation allows the mechanic to operate a crane in the role of mechanic on behalf of an employer. The designation is restricted to that role and does not allow commercial lifts to be made. The employer is responsible for all lifts.

Letter of Permission (formerly Level C)

The Letter of Permission (formerly known as a Level C) is intended for people who want to find out if they have the aptitude and abilities to train as a crane operator. If the individual decides to proceed with training, he must move up to a Provisional designation.

The individual named on the Letter of Permission must be under the direct supervision of a crane operator who holds full-scope certification for the specific crane type being operated. Direct supervision requires that the supervisor be close enough to observe and to provide verbal directions to the operator for the operation of the crane. No critical lifts are allowed even under supervision.

Credential Recognition – Other Jurisdictions

Crane operators with government-issued credentials from other Canadian provinces, the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom can work in British Columbia upon recognition of their home jurisdiction credential by British Columbia. A BC Crane Operator designation is assigned matching the credential recognized. No new card is required unless desired by the operator.