A Crane Mechanic (Limited Scope, Non-commercial Lift) designation allows the mechanic to operate a crane in the role of mechanic on behalf of an employer. The designation is restricted to that role and does not allow commercial lifts to be made. The employer is responsible for all lifts.

What you need to know

Employer responsibilities:

Operator/employee responsibilities:

  • Only perform lifts determined and trained for by the employer.
  • Not to serve contractors and other off-site personnel.

General restrictions:

  • Critical lifts are not allowed.
  • Non-employees cannot work with or around the crane while it is being operated.

How to apply

Apply for a Crane Mechanic (Limited Scope, Non-Commercial Lift) compliance verification statement

Evidence of training could include:

  • a BC Crane Safety mobile logbook approved and signed off by the employer
  • purchased training materials
  • confirmation of training by a designated instructor