The Letter of Permission (formerly known as a Level C) is intended for people who want to find out if they have the aptitudes and abilities to train as a crane operator.

The Letter of Permission is a good option for an employer who is unsure if an employee is a “good fit” for the crane operator role because it requires minimal investment. If the individual decides to proceed with training, he must move up to a Provisional designation.

What you need to know

The individual named on the Letter of Permission must be under the direct supervision of a crane operator who holds full-scope certification for the specific crane type being operated. Direct supervision requires the supervisor to be close enough to observe and to provide verbal directions to the operator for the operation of the crane.

Critical lifts are not allowed – even under supervision.

A Letter of Permission does not indicate that the named individual is competent in any aspect of crane operation.

How to apply

For a Letter of Permission, apply at Fulford Certification.