If you are a crane operator from another country who wants to work in BC, you may be able to challenge the BC crane operator assessment to obtain a BC Crane Operator designation.

The certification process depends on the type of crane you wish to operate. If you are not sure which crane classification you operate, please refer to our crane classifications page, choose your crane type, and click on Certification Process.

Register with BC Crane Safety

All crane operators working in British Columbia must be registered with BC Crane Safety. If you haven’t already done so, please register now.

Submit a Challenge Application

The next step is to submit a challenge application form.

Application Review

BC Crane Safety will review your work history, talk to your employers and determine if you have the necessary experience to challenge the BC Crane Operator Assessment.

BC Crane Operator Assessment

If you are approved to challenge the BC Crane Operator Assessment, you will write the theory exam and do a practical test. You must write the theory exam within 12 months of the approval date.

Once you successfully complete both the theory exam and the practical test, you will be designated a BC Crane Operator – Full Scope for the relevant crane classification.

Alternate Careers

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