BC Crane Safety Presents at 2023 CCRA Conference

BC Crane Safety at the 2023 CCRA Conference

May 16-18, 2023 marked the return of the CCRA Conference to an in-person event held in Vancouver, BC. The Canadian Crane Rental Association hosted the gathering. After the past few pandemic years of online webinar presentations, it was exciting to be able to meet in person to attend informative presentations, the association’s AGM, network, and explore the natural beauty surrounding Vancouver.

BC Crane Safety was honoured to participate.  BC Crane Safety Executive Director, Clinton Connell, and Director of Certification and Licensing, Roberta Sheng-Taylor, reported on BC Crane Safety’s activities and the current state of the crane industry in BC.

Director of Certification and Licensing, Roberta Sheng-Taylor at the 2023 CCRA Conference.

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Highlights of the presentation included:

  • Describing BC Crane Safety’s efforts to increase the pool of trained, qualified crane operators in a tight labour market that coincides with industry growth in the province.
  • Quantifying the positive safety impacts of mandatory certification in BC.
  • Supporting stakeholders including operators, employers, and WorkSafeBC to ensure worksite safety and regulatory compliance through easy-to-use data-driven processes.
  • Streamlining the pathway to certification and documenting operator competencies through a renewed SkillRecord Passport online system that creates opportunities for career advancement. The app is now being piloted. Would you like to try it out and give us your feedback? Please contact us at info@bccranesafety.ca.
BC Crane Safety Panel at 2023 CCRA Conference

Photo Credit: Site Partners

BC Crane Safety also participated in a panel discussion regarding a pilot project with the City of Vancouver to address safer crane tower assembly and dismantling in BC’s towns and cities.

A working group including the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 115, Coupal Cranes, Kansen Crane Service, and BC Crane Safety has been working with the City of Vancouver since 2019 to establish safer processes when assembling or dismantling cranes on busy city streets. The Tower Crane /Self Erect Crane Pre-Assembly Checklist pilot project is an outcome of their collaboration. The checklist is now a requirement in Vancouver to assist in reviewing permitting requests. The panel shared the success of this project and encouraged other provincial and Canadian municipalities to make use of their findings to protect the safety of workers and the public.