BC Crane Safety 2022 Annual Report

BC Crane Safety’s 2022 Annual Report is now available. Find it here. Learn about our work to advance the crane operator profession and support a safe, sustainable, inclusive industry.

Executive Director, Clinton Connell, says:

2022 saw the industry continue on its busy trajectory, with many pandemic-related protocols behind it. We’ve also seen positive and welcome changes to the way we work and do business. Focus on mental health, work-life balance, and the need for increased training capacity of our aging and retiring workforce are some key elements receiving renewed attention.

The crane industry is as engaged as ever, and there are ongoing conversations around certification, training, and new regulations such as the use of zone control- and anti-collision technology.

BC Crane Safety is committed to providing current, proven and useful safety resources for our stakeholder community which has grown to include municipalities, associations, and licensers from outside BC. The crane community is a global one, and we are always looking for ways to share and adopt best practices when it comes to safety.

Pilot projects were launched in 2022, such as Plan-for-10 to verify and ensure operators’ knowledge and competency working around electrical hazards. This will tie into the future ability of operators and employers to conduct competency assessments for new and training individuals, as well as recertification.

The unique partnership between industry and WorkSafeBC allows us to continue our collective focus on raising the standard of safety within our sector. I would like to acknowledge the work of all involved – our staff, our stakeholder partners, and our volunteer Board of Directors – in helping make 2022 a success.