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Effective planning, communication, and procedures can keep workers safe when erecting tower cranes:

Each airport has AZRs (Airport Zoning Regulations). There are Canada-wide standards, but some airports have their own AZR restrictions.

If you are working above an airport’s AZRs allowable tip heights, you will require an Aeronautical Assessment (Performed by Transport Canada) to be completed along with a NAV CAN permit. This process can take up to 90 days to obtain both permits.

Transport Canada Requires an Aeronautical Assessment

For the Aeronautical Assessment, Transport Canada will require:

• Site logistics plan with all the crane heights and elevations listed for each step.
• Profile view of the crane with respect to the OLS and the variance between the two.

The Aeronautical form can be found at:


Forward the completed Aeronautical Assessment Form to Transport Canada’s Civil Aviation department:

Transport Canada
Suite 620, 800 Burrard St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6Z 2J8

If you wish additional information, check Transport Canada’s site: lighting-obstacles-air-navigation

The best approach for any work within 6km radius of an airport is to call the nearby airport and ask for a copy of their AZR. If you are compliant, reach out to NAV Canada for permission and to have a NOTAM issued. If you will exceed allowable tip heights reach out to both NAV CAN and Transport Canada.

NAV CAN can be reached through their customer-stakeholder services contact info:

• Email
• Telephone 1-613-563-5588
• Toll Free Telephone (North America) 1-800-876-4693
• TTY Line (Hearing Impaired)711 / 1-866-662-6478
• Toll Free Fax Line 1-877-663-6656
• Local Fax Line 1-613-563-3426


If you have any questions, please contact BC Crane Safety at or 604-336-4699. We’re here to help.