Holiday Lights

Seasonal Update: Holiday Lights

// December 5, 2023

Have a safe and happy holiday by ensuring seasonal lights are installed safely on tower cranes.

Know the hazards and assess the risks

Employers must conduct a full risk assessment that considers:

  • Blocked access points – holiday lights may block access to parts of the crane.
  • Increased sail area – Increased sail area may prevent an out-of-service crane from free slewing downward.
  • Interference with fall protection equipment – lights and extension cords strung along handrails can interfere with fall protection equipment.
  • Electrical hazards – damaged cords and broken lightbulbs can pose electrical hazards and should be removed.
  • Visibility – potential effect of glare from the lights on the crane operator’s vision.
  • Safe power supply – installation and use of a suitable power supply and safe, adequate electrical isolation.
  • The safe installation, maintenance, and removal of the decorations.

Employers are also responsible for ensuring:

  • The workplace is planned, constructed, used, and maintained to protect workers.
  • Crane modifications are carried out in accordance with safe work practices, OHSR requirements, and the manufacturer’s authorization.
  • The crane’s jib has a continuous, obstruction-free walkway from the mast to the tip.

Workers who install or work around lighting displays must follow safety procedures. Workers must not tamper with any safeguards.

For more information, along with related Safe Work Practices, please see the Bulletin co-developed by WorkSafeBC and BC Crane Safety – Using holiday lights safely on tower cranes.

OHSR requirements

Related OHSR requirements


CSA Standard Z248 Code for Tower Cranes