These resources and guides were developed by industry experts on behalf of BC Crane Safety. They contain information on specific industry-related topics, and are intended to encourage safe work practices on the job site.

Annual Equipment Inspection and Certification

Guidance developed by Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) with the support of WorkSafeBC.

Tower Crane Pre-Erection Requirements Checklist

A checklist identifying pre-erection requirements and responsibilities of personnel.

Countering Sleep Deprivation

Effects of sleep deprivation and methods of prevention.

Hazard Assessment

Examples of hazards to be aware of at the job site.

Inspecting Tower Crane Temporary Devices

An inspection checklist for tower crane temporary devices.

Levelling a Crane

A series of steps outlining how to safely level a crane.

Limits of Approach

WorkSafeBC limits of approach and BC Hydro’s 3 keys to electrical safety.

Limits of Approach — Once Contact is Made

Steps to take if the crane contacts a power line.

Load Control

Proper techniques for maintaining control of a load.