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2019 Tower Crane Conference

The 2019 Tower Crane Conference was hosted by both WorkSafeBC and BC Crane Safety.  The conference, delivered in November 2019, was designed for tower crane industry suppliers, owners, engineers, erectors, and technicians to hear presentations and discussions on tower crane operation, inspection, standards and certification.

Conference videos (see playlist below) include:

  • WorkSafeBC’s message to the conference participants
    Al Johnson, Vice-President, Prevention, WorkSafeBC
  • Farm Kid to Trauma Surgeon to Rocketman and Way Beyond: Excellence, Exploration and Evolution
    Story Musgrave, NASA Astronaut
  • The Value of Third-Party Crane Inspections
    Peter Gasparini, Ledcor Construction
  • Professional Practice Guidelines: Certification of Annual Equipment Inspections
    Stuart Nash, Engineers and Geoscientists of BC
  • Integrating Technology into Crane Operations: Implications and Opportunities for Improvement
    Paul Roussel, Opticrane
  • Tower Crane Certification: Following a Misadventure
    Nicholas Greuter, Kova Engineering
  • Seattle Tower Crane Incident Investigation Update
    Brian Haight, Region 8 Compliance Manager, Washington State Dept. of Labor
  • Tower Crane Initiative Updates – WorkSafeBC & BC Crane Safety
    Doug Younger, WorkSafeBC and Fraser Cocks, BC Crane Safety