A logbook is an important record of your apprenticeship. It helps you to track the experience you gain in the workplace.

BC Crane Safety provides its members with a mobile logbook called SkillRecord. It will be activated after you register.

A mobile logbook has many benefits.

  • cannot be lost, stolen or mangled
  • photos can added easily
  • can summarize your hours for various crane classes
  • entries can be reviewed/approved by your supervisor

Maintaining Your Logbook

You can access your logbook via the SkillRecord website or a SkillRecord mobile app.

It is important to keep your logbook up to date and to ensure that all the required information is complete and correct. When you have met all your program requirements, your sponsor/supervisor can use SkillRecord to submit a Logbook Sign-off Statement to BC Crane Safety.

The Logbook Sign-off Statement is a prerequisite for taking the BC Crane Operator Exam.


3 construction workers on top of a building being constructed with a crane in the background at sunset.


Online services for BC Crane Safety are managed by SkillRecord.

After registering, you can update your profile or your online logbook using the SkillRecord mobile app.