Logbook App Available to All Operators

Did you know that as a BC Crane Operator you have a SkillRecord profile which includes a mobile logbook? Your crane operator logbook is available to you as an app for IOS or Android, or online. It allows you to record your daily activity, upload photos, get sign-offs, and show others what you can operate and do.

To access your logbook, and get going, all you need to do is go to the BC Crane Safety homepage, click on the SkillRecord button at the top right, enter the email address you originally registered with at BC Crane Safety along with your password. If you don’t know your original email address you will need to call the BC Crane Safety office. If you know your email but not your password you can obtain a new password as part of your SkillRecord login process.

Your logbook will be handy when looking for that next project, moving between jurisdictions, and in demonstrating compliance for renewal of your BC Crane Operator designation.