BC Crane Operator status is now renewable online and at no cost on a yearly basis. Operators will be notified several months before their birthday regarding the need to renew. The operator receives an email and simply follows the prompts and verifies their profile details.

Every five years renewal will require a new photo and demonstration of 1,000 hours of operating time for the licence being renewed. The hours can be easily recorded in the operator’s SkillRecord logbook. The 5-year renewal also requires acknowledgement of any changes in new regulations, and demonstration of knowledge of any applicable new technology and equipment. If the licence requirements are not met, the operator can renew by successfully passing the appropriate theory exam(s) and the appropriate practical test.

The SkillRecord logbook app is available to all registered BC Crane Operators to log experience and track hours at no cost to the individual. Click here for more information on the SkillRecord app.